• Back Pain Heating Pad

    Back Pain Heating Pad

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    1. Bend it : Boil in water for approximately 10 minutes or until no crystal are visible

    2. Kead it : Knead the pad until it becomes a slushy texture

    3. Use it : Place it on desired area

    4. Reuse it : Boil in water for approximately 10 minutes or until no crystal are visible

The lower back is one of the most common places on the body to feel aches and pains. These muscles can become strained whether you do heavy lifting, sit at a desk, crouch down, play sports, or otherwise put pressure on the back. Fortunately, a back pain heating pad can provide much needed relief to the lower back muscles and other areas of the body.

Wearing a Flexible Back Pain Heating Pad

The Express Heat Therapy lower back pad warmer slips into a belt and is then wrapped around the body and held in place with Velcro. This adjustable belt fits comfortably just above the waist and doesn’t cause discomfort. Because the heating pad is slim, flexible, and soft, it can easily be worn under clothing.

The back heating pad does not get in the way of normal mobility. This means that you can slip it on and wear it while you are working or doing other activities around the house or out on the town. Even if you are not experiencing back soreness, you can still slip the back pain heating pad under your clothes before you walk out into the cold. The pad will radiate heat within your clothes and coat, keeping you extra warm during your commute.

While the lower back heating pad is often used to address common aches and pains in this area of the back, it can also be worn to deliver heat to other muscle groups in the body. The sleeve can be rotated so that the heating pad covers the stomach, providing relief for cramps. It can also be secured diagonally across the chest, so that the heating pad covers the shoulder. The belt can also be wrapped around the arms or legs, there really is no limit as to where you can use the pad.

Flexible Material For Back Pain Heating Pad
Reusable Back Pain Heating Pad

Enjoy the Convenience of a Reusable Back Heating Pad

This back warmer has the added benefit of being reusable, providing relief all year round. To use the warmer, you simply snap and knead the pad, which causes a chemical reaction that produces heat. You can see crystals form across the pad as this occurs. Within seconds, the pad will become warm and you can put it into place and enjoy at least an hour and a half of warmth.

To reuse the back warmer, simply place it in boiling water. Boil the pad in water for approximately ten minutes. When there are no more crystals visible on the pad, then it has reset to its original condition and will be ready to use again.

Order you lower back heating pad today to see for yourself how easy and convenient it is to provide relaxing warmth to your muscles.