You might be wondering if gel hand warmers are truly effective or if they are just a cheap gimmick. If so, you'll be surprised to know that they really do work. Moreover, some can be reused an unlimited amount of times. Some hand warmers, such as the ones offered by Express Heat Therapy, can even double as ice packs if you require cooling therapy.

What are your options?

Gel warmers are available in several different sizes. The larger sizes tend to be around 10" x 7", and can fit inside of a back belt to provide heat therapy to the back area. Smaller models come in both round and square shapes. Small, round warmers typically have a diameter of 4-inches, and standard, pocket sized warmers are 3” x 5”. They are usually available in packs of at least two, so that you can have one for each hand. Look for a gel hand warmer that contains sodium acetate. This is the ingredient used in re-heatable solutions. Warmers without this ingredient are likely disposable and only good for a single use. Think of the benefits of having a hand warmer that you can use many, many times.

How do the reusable gel warmers work?

The gel packet comes with a solution of sodium acetate and water contained within an outer container or cover, along with a disc, which must be snapped in order to activate the warmth. The reheating process involves placing the gel inside of boiling water and gently stirring it over the course of five to ten minutes. When the crystals melt and turn into liquid, the boiling process is over with. The heat is stored inside of the gel warmer and ready to be used as soon as you bend the disc. Depending on the size and quality of the warmer, you can expect to have up to two hours of warmth. The maximum temperature for a typical, standard size hand warmer is 130 F. Some gel packs require a bit of kneading in order to achieve maximum temperature. This gives you a bit of control over the temperature, as you can simply stop kneading whenever they feel nice and warm for you.

Why Choose a Gel Hand Warmer?

reusable hand warmers largeThere are many reasons why these types of hand warmers are worth investing in, with the most obvious being their low cost and reusability. They are very easy to use and reuse. Even if the boiling process seems confusing at first, you will get the hang of it after just one or two tries. All you have to do is follow the directions carefully. Unlike Zippo hand warmers, you don't have to buy the heating fluid. While a gel pack may seem cheap in comparison, it can be very durable just as long as you invest in a quality warmer. During warmer months, they can be stored. With a larger model, you can keep more than just your hands warm. You can even use it for heat therapy. There are so many things you can do with inexpensive gel hand warmers – they really do make a good investment.