Comparing TheraTherm Heating Pad to EHT Heating Pad


In the battle for heating pad dominance there have been many contenders and scant few have measured up to the title of “The Best”, but it is clear that some options are better than others depending on the intended use. Two of them that seem to offer the widest range of benefits would be Express Heat Therapy and TheraTherm heating pads, but each caters to a different dynamic.

Express Heat Therapy consists of a non-toxic chemical component that is activated when the metal disc is broken inside of the pad. Once broken and kneaded for a few seconds, the pad will heat and remain hot for over two hours before needing to be re-solidified in a 10 minute, boiling water bath. The bath may seem like an inconvenience, but it is a very small price to pay for hours of portability without the use of cords or microwaves.

TheraTherm is an electrical heating pad that needs to be plugged in order to work its magic. They have wide bands that are capable of wrapping around the biggest parts of your body to perform deep tissue heat relief and there is a digital gauge for setting the temperature to your preferred level of heat.

Common users of TheraTherm vs. Express Heat Therapy

Older, more sedentary folks may tend to enjoy the Theratherm product because they can use it for hours without ever getting up and the settings can be maintained so that there is no concern of injuring themselves with a pad that has become too hot. The binding wrap also provides a more intense warming sensation as opposed to a pad that is just placed on the affected area.

People that are more active would generally do well with Express Heat Therapy pads as they can be easily transported with you until they are needed. Other products like microwavable pads will be at peak temp as soon as they are taken from the microwave and gradually will cool off over time.

The Express Heat Therapy pads only begin working when you break the metal disc and create the non-toxic chemical reaction within the pad, so you can get your projects done and use the heat when you really need it. There are also a series of belts and pouches that come with the Express Heat Therapy models, so it can be used for deep tissue warming as well. The variety of models offered really adds to the benefit of Express Heat Therapy pads because they can supply heat therapy to specific joints, hands, shoulders…etc. while still allowing you to get your work done in the elements or around the house.

Price Comparison

Pricing for these two titans of the heating pad industry is pretty similar with a standard-sized pad that would cover a shoulder or midsection costing about $60.00. This is an excellent price-to-value ratio as either of these pads should last you for years even with regular use.

Where Express Heat Therapy may come out on top is with the multitude of sizes they offer and the portability factor. For instance, there are no TheraTherm hand warmers, and due to the fact that they offer only wired devices, they would not be available for general outdoor use anyway. Express Heat Therapy comes out on top in this contest due to the ease of use and portability of their heating pads.

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