Comparison of Electric Heating Pads and EHT Heating Pads

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When it comes to aching muscles, sore joints and even cold hands and feet, many people turn to heating pads to find relief. For years, electric heating pads were the only option. But as the market has expanded, innovative technology now allows consumers more and more choices in the type and style of heating pad that you may choose.

Typically you can expect to find pads that are electrical, microwavable and chemical. In the following comparison we will look specifically at electric heating pads and how they compare to Express Heat Therapy heating pads:

  • Re-use – Electric heating pads can be widely used for a very long time, but eventually the components will break down and require repairs or the pads may just be thrown away. Non-toxic chemical pads like those by Express Heat Therapy can be reused for years without fear of components breaking, leakage or weakening. They also come with a lifetime warranty which is clearly more appealing than the 1 to 5 year warrantees typically offered by manufacturers of electric heating pads.
  • Moist heat – Some people enjoy a dry heat, but for the most part that type of heat therapy will leave skin very dry and flaky and susceptible to cracking and peeling. This is most common with electrical heating pads, but non-toxic chemical heating pads such as those offered by Express Heat Therapy can keep both the moisture and heat in your hands and feet to eliminate that dry, cracking side effect.
  • Portability – Express Heat Therapy pads are the premier pads for use during cold weather and while on the go. The pad is not activated until you snap the disc inside and knead the crystals into a slushy mix, so you can carry them with you until you need them. Electric pads will require electricity or for them to be heated before you head outdoors, which means they are probably already cooling off by the time you need them. Additionally, once you are using electric pads you can only move as far as your cord will allow. Non-toxic chemical pads made by Express Heat Therapy can be worn just about anywhere when you require extra warmth.
  • Price – Chemical heating pads such as those offered by Express Heat Therapy are generally pretty inexpensive and coupled with the ability to re-use them, they make an excellent choice for those shopping on a budget. Electric heating pads generally cost more due to the components that are included but they also effectively provide heat for an unlimited time period as long as you are willing to stay with reach of a power outlet.

While there are many options for heating pads, you need to consider what kind will work best for you. If you are active and spend a lot of time outdoors, portability and being able to re-use the pads are probably at the top of your list. For this reason Express Heat Therapy is a great choice with a lifetime warranty and a multitude of different slings, pouches and belts to keep you warm where you need it most. Conventional electric heating pads are still a viable option for some, but lack of portability and convenience.

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