EHT Heating Pad Against the Sunbeam Heating Pad

Express Heat Therapy Knee and Elbow Pad

If you’re in the market for a heating pad, chances are you’ve looked at many of the major brands. The Sunbeam heating pad is a popular product which is sold by many of the major retailers. But how does it stack up against the Express Heat Therapy heating pad? To know which product is right for you, there are several factors that must be examined. Purpose of your heating pad

Heating pads are ideal for soothing tired muscles and joints as well as for warming cold hands and feet. There are many different makers and models on the market and they all have specialties, so having a clear idea of what your intended use will be for the heating pad should make it a bit easier to find the product that suits you best.

Some of the main factors that will distinguish one heating pad from the next are size, portability, heat duration, temperature, warranty, auto shut-off and price. These factors are a good place to start with examining heating pads to find the one that works for you. Below we will compare the features of two very successful and well-regarded products on the market to show what you can expect for your money from a heating pad.

Comparing the Sunbeam heating pad with Express Heath Therapy heating pad

Express Heat Therapy is a very versatile company when it comes to supplying heating pads because they have a variety of different sizes and shapes. They make everything from large pads for the shoulder and torso, to small hand warmers that can slip in a mitten or your pocket.

Sunbeam heating pads are also lauded for their size, but basically because they can double as a small blanket by measuring 12”x24”. That size can easily drape over an arm or both feet and provide long lasting heat in the bed when thrown across a comforter.

In terms of heat duration, Sunbeam heating pads can be set at one of three different temperatures with no auto shut-off system, so you don’t have to worry about losing heat late into the night. They achieve this feat through the electrical component that must be plugged in for operation.

Express Heat Therapy pads will generally last for over two hours and does not have settings, but they are also considerably more portable due to the contained, non-toxic chemical reaction that allows them to work. Upon cooling, these pads require only a 10 minute boiling water soak and they are ready to use again, so while you come in for a break from the cold to have a warm drink, these pads can be made ready for another round out in the elements. This is clearly an area where those needing warmth on the go versus just in the home will know what they should choose.

An Express Heat Therapy kit comes with a series of belts and pouches for securing the heating pad to provide deep tissue therapy, which is great for aches and pains and it uses moist heat that keeps the skin from drying and cracking. These pouches also ensure the heating pad will stay in place during outdoor physical activity.

The Sunbeam heating pad also has moist heat, but is used primarily as a blanket so there is no compression for deep heat therapy. The price for the Sunbeam system is a little less than an Express Heat Therapy kit, but if you need portability there is really only one choice. For those with an active lifestyle the Express Heat Therapy system will give you years of long lasting comfort while on the go from their unique, non-toxic pads and the lifetime warranty ensures you will never have to worry about a malfunction.

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