Why Choose Express Heat Therapy Over Hotsnapz Hand Warmers?

allproduct Having cold hands can be an inconvenience. It can even be dangerous in some circumstances, as it can lead to frostbite. Hand warmers are always good to have, especially if you have to go outside in the cold weather. Still, there are some individuals who have cold hands all the time, even when they are indoors. Regardless of where or when, Hotsnapz hand warmers are very well-known, but while they are effective, they are not as effective as the Express Heat Therapy hand warmers, which provide a steady amount of warmth for 45 minutes.

How do Express Heat Therapy Hand Warmers Work?

These hand warmers are reusable, inexpensive, and easy to use. They are essentially small heating pads that fit in the palm of your hand. The ingredients, which include sodium acetate and water, are safe and non-toxic. Also included is a small metal disc that plays a role in the reuse of the warmers. Like Hotsnapz hand warmers, these are safe and self-regulating, with a maximum internal temperature of about 130 F. During normal use, the surface temperature is approximately 115 to 120 F. At higher temperatures, you might not want to keep the hand warmer in direct contact with your skin for very long. While you want to protect your hands from the cold, you don’t want to risk burning them, either. Once the heat is exhausted, the warmers will gradually cool down. Instead of throwing them away like many other hand warmers on the market, you can reheat them by sticking them in boiling water for five to ten minutes, depending on the size. When the crystals return to liquid form, the heat is stored inside the warmer for use. To activate, you simply flex the metal disc clicker back and forth. When they are no longer needed, it’s recommended that you reactivate them as soon as possible and store them in the liquid clear state to ensure longevity.

Who Can Benefit from Using EHT Hand Warmers?

Happy smiling multi ethnic business team in office Anybody who wants to avoid having cold hands can benefit from these products. They are superior to other hand warmers due to their affordability and re-usability. The following is a list of people who can benefit the most:
  • Individuals with conditions that cause an extreme sensitivity and discomfort to cold (Raynaud’s disease, for example).
  • Hunters, hikers, and any outdoorsy people
  • Massage therapists
  • People who have to work outside often
  • Fans attending an outdoor sporting event
  • Individuals who experience pain in the hands, fingers and wrist area, and require pain management therapy

Why Choose Express Heat Therapy?

The metal disc in EHT hand warmers has a superior design. It is less likely to wear out or break compared to other reusable hand warmers. The chemical compound can also allow for the device to be frozen in addition to heated, making the device ideal for both cold and hot therapy. Why order a separate product for cooling your hands? Hotsnapz hand warmers are nice and inexpensive, but the Express Heat Therapy products have a better design as well as more to offer.

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