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    Instant Heating Pad Kits

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    1. Bend it : Bend the metal disk to activate

    2. Kead it : Knead the pad until it becomes a slushy texture

    3. Use it : Place it on desired area

    4. Reuse it : Boil in water for approximately 10 minutes or until no crystal are visible

Which Products Are Included?

Our all-in-one kit includes every type of heating pad, including:

  • Reusable Hand Warmers If you are very active in the winter, in colder climates, our hand warmers are great to keep in your car or your pockets for when your hands need extra warmth. Within seconds, you can have a warm heating pad to slip into your pocket or down inside your gloves as you ski, snowboard, or work in the snow. These pads provide heat for 30 or more minutes.
  • Knee and Elbow Pad The knee/elbow pad is a wonderful tool for anyone suffering from joint pain. The pad is designed to fit comfortably over the knee or elbow, allowing for comfortable movement. Like all Express heating pads, this pad can be activated to provide heat or stored in the freezer to be used like an ice pack. This makes it possible to provide hot/cold(cold/hot) therapy to the sore joint.
  • Neck and Shoulder Pad The shoulder/neck pad is a favourite among customers because, although it is designed to wrap around the neck or shoulders, the shape is versatile enough to provide comfort to nearly any area of the body. You can use it to support the lower back while sitting, wrap it around cold feet, or use it to provide relief to nearly any muscle group. The heat lasts up to two hours.
  • Back Pain Heating Pad The lower back pad is also very versatile. It slips into a sleeve(belt) and is held around the waist using a Velcro enclosure, delivering heat to the lower back as you walk, work, and go about your day. This instant heating pad can also be secured around the arms or legs or spun around to provide heat to the stomach, if you are experiencing cramps. The heat lasts up to 90 minutes.
Healing Muscles with Instant Heating Pad Kits

Easing Pain and Healing Muscles with Express Heat Pads

When you have aches and pains, there is something so soothing about applying heat to these muscles. There is a reason it feels so great to place Express heat Therapy pads on sore areas. The heat reduces tension in muscles, helping them to relax. It also encourages your body to increase blood flow to the heated tissues, which stimulates faster healing.

Express Heat Therapy offers instant heating pad kits that make it easier for you to quickly experience all of these benefits and more. Whether you suffer from chronic muscle pain, or if you simply spend a lot of time in cold climates, these instant heating pads will prove very useful.

Reusing Instant Heating Pads

It is important to note that Express Heat Therapy pads are not used only once and then thrown away. To activate the pad, you simply snap the disc inside and knead the pad until it the crystals inside are activated. Once you are finished, simply boil the bad until the pad becomes translucent and you can no longer see any crystals, then its ready to be used again.