• Reusable Hand Warmers

    Reusable Hand Warmers

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    1. Bend it : Bend the metal disk to activate

    2. Kead it : Knead the pad until it

    3. Use it : Place it on desired area

    4. Reuse it : Boil in water for approximately 10 minutes or until no crystal are visible

As temperatures plummet, hands can go from uncomfortable to in danger of becoming frozen and frostbitten. Reusable hand warmers provide a way to protect your extremities while skiing, snowboarding, working outdoors, or simply walking long distances during your commute.

How Do Reusable Hand Warmers Work?

These hand warmers use a very simple chemical reaction process called exothermic crystallization. Within these heating pads for hands, you will see gel and metal discs. To initiate the warming process, all you need to do is bend(snap) the metal disc and knead the pad.

This allows a chemical chain reaction to begin throughout the gel of the hand warmer, which produces heat. You can see the crystals activate across the entire pack until the warmer becomes completely opaque. The warmer will then also, of course, radiate plenty of heat to keep hands comfortable. They work great when slipped into coat pockets or inside gloves to keep hands warm.

The heating pads become warm in a manner of seconds with the help of a bit of kneading. Holding one of the warmers in your hand is similar to warming your hands by holding a steaming cup of coffee.

How Are Heating Pads for Hands Reusable?

You might be familiar with hand warmers that are disposable. Especially if you love to work or play out in the snow all season long, keeping a stock of disposable hand warmers can become very expensive and otherwise impractical. Fortunately, there is a solution: reusable hand warmers.

Warmers that rely upon exothermic crystallization for heat can be reset to their original condition. After using them, you simply place them in a pot of boiling water. You can watch as the pads go from opaque to clear once again. Once the pad is completely translucent again, you can allow it to cool and use it just as you had the first time.

Hot and Cold Reusable Hand Warmers

Heating Pads that Double as Cooling Packs

Once the hand warmers have returned to their softened, liquid state, they can also be used as a cooling pack. If you store the pads in the fridge, they will absorb and store the cold, providing you with a comfortable cooling pad. If you have a muscle injury that requires the alternation of heat and cold, a set of reusable hand warmers might be exactly what you need to get rid of the pain.

A Basic Overview of a Reusable Hand Warmer

Using these heating pads for hands could not be simpler. Here is a breakdown of the process:

  • Snap it
  • Knead It
  • Ready for use

For more information about hand warming products, contact Express Heat Therapy. To have your heating pads delivered, place your order online.