Comparing the Theratherm Heating Pad with Express Heat Therapy Reusable Warmers – Which is Right for You?

Express Heat Therapy Knee and Elbow Pad The application of moist heat on areas of the body experiencing muscle stiffness and soreness is a form of pain management that is accepted in today’s medical field. The Theratherm heating pad is a highly rated product that provides moist heat to individuals suffering from musculoskeletal and arthritic conditions as well as chronic pain that isn’t caused by acute injuries. However, it is not for everyone. Many people find the reusable heating pads offered by Express Heat Therapy to be more ideal.

How Does Heating Therapy Work?

When a product such as a heating pad is placed over the problem area, there is increased blood flow to that area. This increase boosts the body’s recovery time by bringing in more oxygen and fresh blood cells. If there are any pollutants, they will be washed away by the enhanced local circulation. Heat therapy also helps to relieve stiff muscles to provide a better range of movement. You may find exercise to be easier if you apply a heating pad to your joints before your session begins.

How Does Moist Heat Therapy Help?

Heat therapy is available as either moist or dry. Moist heat therapy is ideal for those with dry skin problems. If you are concerned about dehydrating your skin, it’s recommended that you stick with a moist heating pad. Moist heat is able to penetrate deeper into the skin when compared to dry heat at the same temperature. This makes it more effective and allows for a faster healing time. The therapeutic temperature of heat therapy usually ranges from 113 to 160 degrees (F), and the treatment time varies between one minute and one hour, with the average being between twenty and thirty minutes. It should only be used on clean skin that is free of perspiration, cuts, and abrasions. For a single therapy session, exceeding thirty minutes is usually not recommended.

How Do the Theratherm and EHT Heating Pads Work?

Why Not Leave Heating Pad on Sore Muscle ? Available in different sizes, Theratherm’s moist heating pad is electric and designed to allow users to relax and enjoy therapy without having to bother with a hand held switch. It comes with numerous safety features, such as an automatic lockout and digital timer, making it a better choice than many other electric heat therapy devices. This might be ideal for those who prefer electric heating pads, but it doesn’t come without risks. Also, a lot of patients prefer mobility with their heat therapy, something that Express Heat Therapy is able to provide. Electric warmers don’t allow for much movement. Portable units, such as the back warmers and neck and shoulder warmers offered by Express Heat Therapy, work after being boiled in water for about ten minutes. You can simply knead the pad until it becomes slushy and place it on the affected area. It is guaranteed to maintain a steady temperature for up to two hours, after which it will gradually cool down. When it is at room temperature, it can be reused. The ten minutes of re-boiling for reuse is just a small price to pay compared to the benefits, which include mobility, comfort, affordability, and therapeutic heat. You can even wear it while you work, thanks to adjustable belts that are available with Express Heat Therapy heating pads.

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