Express Heat Therapy

Express Heat Therapy is the leading distributor of instant heat pads. Striving to bring comfort to people of all ages, Express Heat Therapy offers a unique solution to your aches and pains. An all-natural way of creating long lasting heat that is therapeutic for your body and can be used to comfort you on a chilly day or in a colder climate.

As years pass us by, we may start to believe that a pain-free living is a gift reserved for the chosen few – for the young, for the active. It may seem normal to feel an occasional nagging pain in your body as you go to work or get on with your day, and we choose to accept it even more when we hear our friends or neighbors complain of the same. At Express Heat Therapy, we think differently! We believe that pain-free living should not be a unique privilege for the rare few, and certainly not something we leave behind as we age or choose an active lifestyle. It is no more unique than the air we breathe. We believe in the ability to live day by day without the constant aches and pains caused by the strain we exert on our bodies.

All-natural way of creating long lasting heat that is therapeutic for your body

In addition to a pain-free way of living, we also believe in living without the dependency on modern age technology or electricity. Our vision is for people to feel joy, comfort, love to experience life to its fullest without the restrictions our bodies can place on us when we are in pain. Our commitment to our customers is to manufacture the best products to bring our vision to life; only then, when we truly believe that our product will enhance each life that it touches, will we release it to the market.